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#gothere: Styleclash at Jazzkeller

Every week from now I will be typing in English for you. 

Due to international students living and studying in Krems who usually remain on campus during the days and visit the town only at night time, I will recommend some events. But now, your weekly #gothere will invite you to places you have never been before and you should definitely check out!

© Jazzkeller Krems
Catastrophe and Cure © Jazzkeller Krems

#gothere on Saturday, January 17, 2015 

Styleclash @Jazzkeller Krems
Starting at 9 p.m. you should rather join later. Jazzkeller located directly in Krems nearby Dominikanerkirche and next to Landstraße (main shopping street) is one of the oldest clubs. In the 1960s people came here to listen to New Orleans Jazz and some other rare and experimental forms of music. Supporting sub cultural music has always been the club's first rule. Nowadays, the loose team of Jazzkeller is again focused on music off the beaten track. 

Styleclash means that everybody who registered will be able to lay down some beats for 30 minutes. Promised: no limits in style (excepting technical limits, laws of nature and the penal code. You should be mixing styles throughout the night even if some of the crowd are not happy with your picks - but hey, you are on the turntables, so play whatever you like! Surprise! Join in on Facebook. 

Happy Saturday Styleclash Night! 

© Jazzkeller Krems
Parkwächter Harlekin © Jazzkeller Krems
If you want to know more about Jazzkeller, #gothere and have fun. Or read my article about the team in German. If you need it translated I am very willing to help you there :) 

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