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#gothere 14: 1001 reasons to love Austria

In addition to #gothere 13....

Have you ever been to a lovelier and more compelling town than Krems? All Austrians tend to be extremely helpful and are enjoying their lives fully - carpe diem. Well, not really. You might have found out already, that we - I am including myself - try to dislike a lot of things. Including the weather, our jobs, politics (well, who does not?), our home town, our personal lifestyle - we love to nag, to grumble, to carp, to niggle... but actually we should rather spruce ourselves up and enjoy what we have. Therefore, Katharina Schneider wrote an illustrated book about Austria: 1001 reasons to love Austria

A "how to" and "why so"...

Katharina Schneider questions if we know that the accordion has been founded in Vienna, or if the greatest reef of oysters is located in Klosterneuburg. Why should you love Austria when some people boost Red-Bull's star (for 5 minutes) Felix Baumgartner? Because there are greater personalities and characters like Oskar Kokoschka or Paul Watzlawick (Man kann nicht nicht kommunizieren). This book bows to all lovers of Austria and all Austrians. It happens to be one funny encyclopedia of one tiny country in Europe.


Friday night, when Kunstmeile Krems appears to invite to its Open House from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., Katharina Schneider will read her book at Karikaturmuseum Krems at 7 p.m.! Also, the original illustrations are exhibited just for this one night at the museum... The reading will be in German! 

Presentation and reading of "1001 Gründe Österreich zu lieben" by Katharina Schneider, illustrator Wolfgang Schüssel and governor Erwin Pröll.
7.00 p.m.
Karikaturmuseum Krems
Steiner Landstraße 3a
3500 Krems

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