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#gothere 9: cinematic folk music

Movies and gigs are usually not combined. Either you want to watch a movie or you are going to a concert. But Kino im Kesselhaus - one of the most important cinemas in Lower Austria showing a different program than the huge cinema companies - has founded CINEZONE a few years back. Firstly, you watch a movie, mostly only shown that particular night and secondly, some music will finish your night.


Who is DAWA and which music are they playing? 

You might have stumbled upon the Eurovision Songcontest (ESC) taking place in Austria this May. Since Conchita Wurst won this competition, Austria is trying to find THE new song to win it again... Well, at least ORF is trying hard.

But I have watched the program for the last two Friday nights and was amazed. Especially DAWA, the Austrian folk band, with young musicians and a very own style to create lyrics and melodies. DAWA contains four musicians: Barbara, Oama, Laura and John who is playing the guitar and singer of the band. His second name is Dawa, which gives the band its name...

Their latest EP called "Psithurisma" offers emotional songs with critical background and some kind of melancholy. Whenever I listen to DAWA I have to think of Mumford and Sons for example.

DAWA © Ingo Pertramer
DAWA © Ingo Pertramer

March, 26 they will be arriving and playing in Krems directly in our cinema on campus: Kino im Kesselhaus. Beforehand you can join and watch the movie telling the musician, author and philosopher Nick Cave's story in 20.000 Days On Earth. 

Book your tickets straight away, so you will not have to queue for some remaining tickets on the same day... :)

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