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#gothere 4: Lunchen at Nanacafé

Are you craving for some extraordinarily yummy vegetarian and/or vegan food in Krems? Thanks to Nisha at Nanacafé (Langenloiser Straße 4) your wishes came true: 

the Nanas (actually family Stocker who opened the deli in 2012) offer daily lunch menus, 90% of the products are of organic origin and bought at the local farmers. It is definitely a family business because Christoph Stocker and his wife's deli invites children and their parents. There is space for kids and their energy to move. A very pleasant feeling, that children are not only allowed but actually welcomed at nanacafé.

One important factor of nanacafé is Nisha, who originally comes from Sri Lanka and spices up the nana menus! He uses herbs and spices I have never heard of and does his kind of magic when cooking meals, I have dreamed of. Indian food with south-east Asian influences with local products are on his daily menu. You can find pumkin-strudel on his list as well as sweet potato and orange curry.

This Saturday - like every Saturday - nanacafé offers Nisha's special lunch. The taste of Sri Lanka will cross your nose when you walk across Wiener Brücke and you will smell the spices of Indian bazars. Even when the skies are cloudy and snow is falling: you will see the world in Krems in different colors. No, it's not drugs, it's only food. Very special and intense spiced food which comes from a different part of our very diverse beautiful world.

I am simply glad Nisha found his way to cook for nanacafé and do his magic for all of us, everyday (but Sunday and Monday!)

Find their menus on nanacafé's Facebook page, go there and eat. Happy-go-lucky!

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