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#gothere 5: photography at Daniel's studio

I count Daniel Domaika's studio to one of the secret points of interests in Krems. Close to the campus his studio is located in Stein, next to Minoritenkirche. When I met Daniel, he showed me his fascinating paintings and objects. Born in the Basque region in Spain he already travelled the world, is getting inspired of people and their habits and has got some kind of humor you will like. Daniel Domaika is aware of ecological changes and how humans are influencing these. Recycling unexpected material to works of art is one way he deals with art. But his studio is not only work space but space to connect people, to connect artists and art itself. You will be happy to discuss several topics with Daniel and get some very international inputs.

© Daniel Domaika
© Daniel Domaika

This Sunday, Feb 15 starting at 3 p.m. he presents Carmen Maria Auer's photography in his studio. Of course you will also find some new works by Daniel himself. Tahereh Nourani-Mokaramdoust, a professional player of transverse flute will surround the opening. 

Visit 'Slot Shots Cock Tails' and be amazed how international Krems-Stein can be. If you are interested in arts, major topics around the world and Daniel's connection to Krems, you are in the right place to visit his studio. Come and see yourself at Minoritenplatz 1 in Stein!

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