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#gothere 7: Boooooost yourself...

In my opinion fitness has come back to haunt us from the 90es. But, honestly, I have already become part of the community who cannot get enough of burpies or jumping jacks, who pumps the irons... Some time ago, I think it must be one year from now, I found Daniela Mestl and her wonderful company Bewegung belebt. For the first time, I felt comfortable to look weird training outside - in Krems' Stadtpark.

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Power Bootcamp Circle © Bewegungbelebt.at

Dani calls her one hour fitness sessions Bootcamp and invites already trained, untrained or willing to be trained people (male/female) to her work out. It's only 10 Euros to join! She offers high intensive training for small groups (up to 16 booties only!) and corrects you if you are on the wrong path. She is a laugh!

Be a bootie!

Fortunately, Dani also offers Bootcamp Circle Workshop on selected Saturdays: take the chance and become a bootie this weekend! From 9.00 - 10.00 a.m. a workshop for curious people will be taking place in Stadtpark Krems (close to the pavilion). Do not be afraid, you will feel a lot better after you worked out. And you have been inhaling fresh air. That is actually a major benefit!

Register for your first course via e-mail and get in touch with Dani who is always very willing to help you. Oh, and if you are interested in more: join my group on Wednesdays, 6.30 - 7.30 p.m. :)

Have fun & see you next time! 

© Bewegungbelebt.at
© Bewegungbelebt.at

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