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Why Krems, dear students?

When the flowers have been bought, the families invited, the hotels and restaurants booked out and lots and lots of people are strolling around Campus Krems, it's graduation time! 

Last week I was thankfully invited to IMC Fachhochschule Krems' graduation of the study program Tourism and Leisure Management. Thinking of my own graduation, I did not expect anything special: some speeches, some sparking wine, some happy faces.


I was truly moved! 

Although I did not know anyone who graduated I was close to tears when at the end of the ceremony the Bachelors of Arts in Business got invited to drop some words. These students showed how brilliant their time at IMC Fachhochschule Krems has been and how they loved the international spirit to study and learn.

Thank you for your true passion to live to the fullest, to start off happily and explore the world. Patrick Simon, BA was one of the speakers on stage who inspired me:

I was able to talk to him briefly before he started off to his new freedom to explore, dream and discover. When I asked him about his current mood, his emotional state after this big day, he simply answered: relief and happiness! 
His life as a student in Krems will be remembered in positive ways because of his colleagues and his time studying stressfully but as well the leisure times. Patrick Simon enjoyed international aspect in Krems, and that the various programs are very forward-looking. 

To freshmans: Connect with higher semester students to exchange experiences and integration, they will offer a pool of information about university and aside :) 
Congrats, Patrick Simon! © diekremserin
Congrats, Patrick Simon! © diekremserin

Congrats to Elisabeth Garschall, BA one inhabitant of Krems who came back to study in her home town. I love where I live and came back from several international stopovers. I feel comfortable and safe here! At the moment she feels free and very proud of herself. Because of her time management and strong bounds to family and friends it was possible for her to study extra-occupational - at weekends and long nights. Fortunately, my boyfriend is a musician which made it a little easier to enjoy some time with each other. 

Elisabeth's secret places to be: You should have lunch or dinner at Restaurant Blauenstein in Stein and enjoy working out at the danube (or relaxing there). And you should not miss Krems from above. The view is extremely impressive! 

Congrats Elisabeth! © diekremserin
Congrats Elisabeth! © diekremserin

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