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A few years back, I discovered Glacéau vitaminwater in one of our shelves. I cannot remember if it was in Austria or in Ireland where I used to live for a few months. But I remember picking it up, because of the colorful water and its profile. Since then, I am one of vitaminwater's loyal customers. I always thought this was the type of product I should have founded, selling clean drinks for pre- or after-sports sessions...

Door to Success

Thought the same? Because apart from merchandising their product, Glacéau vitaminwater offers a great possibility for young entrepreneurs on May, 20. Get the hang of an idea, introduce it to one of the most important investors and be successful! No risk no fun!

You will not only present your idea to one of the investors, you will have some restrictions which make it harder and will challenge you to be the best: you have 10 minutes to persuade the investor of your product, your idea, yourself, via LED screen. But space is restricted to: 2x2m for you and your creativity and your passion. If there is space for some pluses, take your business partner with you, flip charts or other necessities - if there is space! :)

Until May, 12 you can join and upload your business idea via vitaminwater.at!

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