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#gothere 3: Workshop with textile

Working together with an artist is always very special and involves great experience. Agnes Czifra's main tool is textile. Colorful fabrics coming from old clothes which can be turned in something shiningly new. This Saturday, Jan 31, the 1989 born artist will inspire you to re-sew one of your 'old' pieces into something you will be very happy about.

Whereas an old t-Shirt transforms into a Interior product, your grandma's skirt turns into shorts. Interested and curious? Just subscribe for the workshop until Friday, Jan 30 via Mail: kreart@aon.at

The workshop will take place at Kre:Art Upcycling Store, Wegscheid 7 from 9.30. The course costs 100€ 

Have fun :-) and show me your products of joy after you transformed your old goods into new! 

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