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#gothere: exhibition opening at Karikaturmuseum Krems

How about some cultural involvement? Since you are located in the Lower Austrian town of high culture, including Kunsthalle Krems, Karikaturmuseum Krems, Forum Frohner and many more museums and galleries, you should have a glance at the new exhibition at Karikaturmuseum Krems. The opening starts on Sat, 24 January at 11 a.m. including free entrance until 1 p.m. 


Caricature and its impact on politics, state structures, religion and not at least society has been on the news lately. Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris we are very aware of how cartoonists all over the world effect different ethnical groups, their beliefs and thinkable borders.

TV = our window to the world

When I was born TV has already been invented and implemented to our parents and even grandparents' social structure. Surprisingly,  TV in Austria has only started in August 1955, which means we are celebrating 60 years of TV this year. The exhibition "Das Fenster zur Welt. Fernsehen in der Karikatur aus den letzten 60 Jahren" (Window to the world. TV in caricature of the last 60 years) leads to how the critical and creative heads of society depicted TV and its impact on changes in society during the years. 

Which events on TV can you think of? The latest and hugest moment for Austrian TV would be the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, I think. The bearded woman and song contest winner Conchita Wurst showed how TV unites even though different parts of Europe did not accept Conchita's victory. Michael Jesenko points out how this TV event effected political statements f.i. in Russia. 

Michael Jesenko, Putin und Wurst © Michael Jesenko, 2015

On the panel and via twitter

Be part at Karikaturmuseum Krems' newly created Twitter profile and their Hashtag #TVEvolution! Posting questions about TV habits, it will be interested in your - the visitors - very own TV story (or history) and whoever wants can be telling their story in 140 characters to Karikaturmuseum Krems via Twitter. The panel discussion (in German) about the universal phenomenon with some TV professionals from Austria will be held shortly after the opening: Teddy Podgorski, who created ORF news: Zeit im Bild, Chris Lohner, who works as presenter, author and actress or Michael Buchinger a young youtube-Star. 

I will be there tweeting :) 

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