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#gothere 6: blue skies and happiness

Krems in winter is usually quite quiet. You may have attended the carnival season's ending in Krems' old town where some people partied rather hard. Honestly, I am not a fan of costumes and these parties including music I do not like. Since carnival is over, I decided to offer you something different this Sunday afternoon. Last year I have started a series of events called "Krems unter freiem Himmel". In my opinion the green oasis - Stadtpark Krems - should be enlightened through various events and cultural inputs like concerts, readings, outside exhibitions, markets etc.

Krems unter freiem Himmel was born,...

This Sunday, February 22, 2015 (2-6 pm) you are very welcome to join "Krems unter freiem Himmel winter.edition" in the Northern part of Stadtpark, where you also find Galerie Stadtpark - which shows some great video- and media artists. Working together with innovative and very inspiring young entrepreneurs in Krems, I am glad I have got to know these people last year. MOYOme, Afro Chic and Felix Kaffee (cimbalino's founder) as well as SONNENTOR are my main partners and will be selling their goods.

This years' event includes Alois Reiter's Grilleria: yes, there will be some kind of BBQ - selling Grilled Hot Dogs with terribly hot sauces by Herr Brenner. The sausages are freshly made in Krems by Florian Winkler and his family business. To warm yourself up, I suggest to crochet a hat rather fast. Sandra Mayer shows how to and also offers some whool and the tools you need.


Music should not be missed at all. Therefore, a singer from Vienna joins us in Krems with her acoustic set and a friend. Be surprised! 

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